Identity concept

Identity concept, branding and communications for Designit’s biggest event of the year, the inspiration trip. I worked closely together with an art director to create a unique identity for 2017's itrip, that celebrated who we are, and what we do together.

The challenge was to create an identity for 2017’s itrip that was fresh and unique, while still staying true to Designit’s brand. The event is not just about getting inspired and learning new things, it’s about creating a sense of community and a shared vision for the company for the year ahead.

Working closely with an art director, we created a bold but playful identity to celebrates who we are, and what we do together: ‘We are here’. It’s a simple, confident statement that unites our 500 participants from offices around the globe for one event, as one Designit.

In its simplicity, it can be applied and activated in so many messages and situations. It needed to work for merchandise and practical event communications, through to company messaging and CEO’s vision/mission presentation.

Tote bags

A main feature of the identity are bold ‘we are here to…’ statements, which you can relate to and get behind. It’s not a call to action – it’s a promise.

Like the strong ‘we are here to…’ statements, the verbal identity of the event was bold but playful. We cut the bullshit, to get straight to the good stuff. And we celebrated the diversity of our participants, and the different skills, ideas and perspectives they bring to the mix every day at Designit.

We are here (rolling through different languages)

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Identity concept

Identity concept, branding and communications for Designit's biggest event of the year

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