Human-shaped book

Vision and values

An inspirational but playful manifesto to consolidate Designit's culture after a period of upheaval. I worked closely with key internal stakeholders to distil Designit's vision and values, and communicate them in a uniquely Designit way: A human-shaped book, and ten rules of thumb to live by.

Designit, a global strategic design firm, had doubled its headcount in the last year, and had been acquired by a much larger multinational IT company. Designit needed to consolidate its culture, and communicate its vision and values internally and externally – without the usual bland corporate vision/mission statement.

A human-shaped world is where everything is designed around real human needs

I set the direction for the tone of the book. We wanted to inspire our employees and clients – not with talk of hopes and dreams, but by lighting a fire under their ass. We cut the BS and corporate jargon and got to the point, while having some fun along the way.

It starts here

I worked with key internal stakeholders from our twelve offices around the globe to collect and consolidate their input, then with a fellow copywriter and art director to bring the book to life. From putting pen to paper to final layout, we went to print in just three weeks, in time for the Designit’s annual company event.

#5 Take pride in your work

We did an initial print run of 500 copies, and have reprinted multiple times since. But the values live and breathe beyond the printed page. The ten rules of thumb have been integrated all across the company, from hiring and performance review benchmarks to badass office decoration. Now employees can confidently say what we stand for, and explain it to our clients.

Read a copy online here.

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Human-shaped book

Vision and values

An inspirational but playful manifesto for Designit's vision and values

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