The future of cooking

White paper

Research, copywriting and editing for a white paper exploring the future of cooking in the face of climate change, urbanisation and other trends. The book was used globally to spark conversations with current and potential clients, and generate sales.

Automated cooking: How might we support people in their modern lifestyle with the perfect degree of automation?

I helped the product design team research ten key global trends, and how they would affect the food industry. From there we brainstormed potential challenges and opportunities for the industry with a series of ‘how might we questions’, together with potential product solutions that holistically integrated technology and service ideas.

Eating insects: How might we introduce alternative foods such as insects into the Western diet – to eat and to grow?

White papers don’t have to be boring. They should be inspirational – and actually enjoyable to read. I set the direction for the tone of the book. We let our imaginations run wild, while explaining bold future concepts in simple, down to earth terms with a dry sense of humour.


We published the book online to spark a conversation on social media, and drive hundreds of views to our website. We printed over a hundred copies for existing and potential clients around the globe – and one for our photographer to do some origami with.

My work

Case studies and writing samples

Workday implementation

UX copy and training materials

Simplifying and humanising a complicated IT system

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The future of cooking

White paper

Research, copywriting and editing for a white paper on the future of cooking

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Human-shaped book

Vision and values

An inspirational but playful manifesto for Designit's vision and values

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Identity concept

Identity concept, branding and communications for Designit's biggest event of the year

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